In the implementation of the DIGITAL BEING they participate:


The client who owns the DIGITAL BEING responsible for providing the inputs and contents for its development
The PRESTEN ATENCIÓN team, responsible for the development and operation of the DIGITAL BEING



And it depends on the management of the factors that make up your establishment:


  1. The configuration and inputs provided by the client for its preparation
  2. The development process, the execution
  3. The digital infrastructure, the code, the space it occupies and the availability
  4. The published content and the information provided
  5. The activity that generates



Owner of the DIGITAL BEING


In charge of the development of the DIGITAL BEING

1 – The configuration, the inputs provided


2 – The development process, the execution

3 – The digital infrastructure, the code, the space it occupies and the availability

4 – The content that you publish, the information, that contributes


5 – The activity that generates


Origin of the factors that make up the DIGITAL BEING





1 – The configuration, the inputs provided

It is done in the first phase of the process. It depends directly on the intervention of the client in charge of providing quality inputs to feed the formulation and design process of the concept


2 – The development process, the execution

In charge of professionals specialized in the areas of research, marketing, design, communication and development, synchronized through an internal production system available


3 – The digital infrastructure, the code, the space it occupies and the availability

Transparent for the client. Completely customizable and scalable. Includes backups, improvements and updates


4 – The content that you publish, the information provided

Necessary to capture the interest of users, contextualize thematically and direct attention towards the objectives


5 – The activity that generates

Caused by promotional campaigns in social networks to stimulate reactions and comments



Levels of development


The DIGITAL BEING consists of three levels of development which are progressively built according to the client’s requirements: presence, expression and performance.



It refers to who he is and what he says? The DIGITAL BEING. It covers the minimum information necessary for the entity to be present on the internet.


  • The objectives of the DIGITAL BEING are defined
  • Identity, aesthetics and personality traits are defined
  • It defines its environment of action and its target audience



It refers to how he says it and when he says it? by deepening the knowledge of the DIGITAL BEING and the needs of its audience.


  • It delves into the purpose of the DIGITAL BEING
  • It delves into the needs of the target audience
  • The messages and contents to be communicated are defined



It refers to the practical execution of the plans and the impact on their audience


  • The promotion plans are executed
  • Activity is measured and behavior is analyzed
  • Recommendations on results are formulated


The DIGITAL BEING is present on the internet and reflects its identity and specific characteristics with the publication of the website. Once online, the DIGITAL BEING is expressed through the contents published on the site. It broadens its reach and reinforces its identity through the successful performance of its communication in social networks and other media.




The DIGITAL BEING is implemented following a construction method of acting environment which is completed in three phases:

  1. Research and conception
  2. Design and development
  3. Implementation and follow-up


Research and conception

  • The terms are established
  • Inputs are received
  • The concept is defined

Design and development

  • The pieces are built
  • The aesthetic is defined
  • The communication plans are formulated

Implementation and follow-up

  • Plans are executed
  • Products are published
  • The results are measured



The DIGITAL BEING is developed following an integral method that allows to choose between different operators in charge of the different development tasks in a platform that integrates the processes of the different stages of the project