We understand the internet as a digital space where individuals interact with entities that offer services oriented to satisfy specific needs. A space that quickly attracts the attention of more and more people, becoming the favorite place for making decisions that make up the day to day of society. Faced with this reality, any entity that projects itself in the future must consider beyond its mere presence on the internet, a strategy to transfer its material sense to a digital experience in an increasingly crowded environment of infinite possibilities as part of the evolution process technology that we live.





DIGITAL BEING is a product of PRESTEN ATENCIÓN that consists of a package of tools, files, configurations and methods that make possible the presence, expression and performance of a digital entity on the Internet. An entity closely linked to its environment of action with an identity and purpose that sets it apart from the rest. Carried out within a self-sustaining cyclical dynamic oriented to internal and independent development. It is represented through a website and all the elements that make it possible:


1) Un sitio web y un gestor de contenidos, optimizado para motores de búsqueda y adaptable a dispositivos móviles
2) A concept and a visual aesthetic that indicates which message to communicate and to whom and how to address it
3) A communication strategy that indicates how and where to communicate the message



4) A promotion plan that indicates when to communicate it5) An activity report
5) An activity report





DIGITAL BEING represents a digital entity with unique identity and proposal. 
It is useful for others and always available through devices connected to the internet. 
It represents the reflection of an existing material entity or could belong exclusively to the digital environment.
It groups specific interests and offers solutions on certain aspects.



It is configured through organized information.
It participates in different social networks and has an audience with which it maintains frequent communication over which it exercises a certain degree of influence.
It is immersed in a superior dynamic and is part of an environment composed of other entities that offer solutions to your audiences.



Just as individuals are closely linked to their natural environment, the DIGITAL BEING is an information system integrated into an environment of action, with an identity and a purpose that differentiates it from the rest of the entities operating in the digital ecosystem.





Generate information that contributes to the constant improvement of its own presence, expression and performance.
Generate information that contributes to achieving the strategic objectives of the organization that it represents.
Change constantly the activity on the website




The DIGITAL BEING can be used for the construction of complex activity environments, from its implementation on different dimensions:


Digital reflection of an individual or organization conceptualized in a brand, with a value proposal for a specific audience.



Spaces for the characterization and interaction of groups of users around common interests conglomerates in a brand or concept.



It is the result composed of the proposals and interests of the digital beings and communities that make up an activity environment on a specific territorial issue or space.




Be part of the new digital environment governed by a dynamic that tends to strengthen internal capacities and eliminate external dependencies